VJIT³ was born in 2010 from the encounter between Francesco Iezzi, Dalila D’Amico and Maria Costanza Barberio. The project derives from different suggestions: philosophy, cinema, music, and dance. The main aim is creating a language that combines these different ways to see the reality. The live performances are the result of an aleatoric method that blends the interest for the minimal geometry and the empty space with the interaction between video and music. Sound frequencies interrupt the geometric order, confering a part of randomness to the studied visual creation.
The collective works with the most representative producers of the electronic scene as Alva Noto, Dasha Rush, Kangding Ray, Jon Hopkins, And, Christian Fennesz, Minilogue and many others.
The constant research in the field of performing arts and visual art has gave birth to different video mapping  performance in the urban space, (some of these are visible on the you tube canal of the group) and in theater like “Amen” (2011), performance dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, “Per Caos” (2014) an interaction between sound, body and video. Lastly, part of the VJIT³’s work is dedicated to video art. The videos highlight a little aspect of the reality that isolated becomes a universe and a key of acces to the world.
Recently VJIT³ has started the fruitful collaboration with the electronic musicians Outpostlive. The research that both collectives are doing currently focuses on the connection between the inner movement of the nature (the macrocosmos and the microcosmos) and the dark movement of the sound. The video Physalis, (Ariam records, 2016) represents the starting point of this research.
Currently VJIT³ and Outpostlive are working on the concepts of singularity and the phenomenon of the gravitational wave.