Noemie Courtois


« Incidentally they’re all gone, well not exactly gone… more sort of… absent… »

The tapestries pay tribute to a web that is gone or -say- hidden and contribute to saving that part of the Internet history that went missing in its fast evolution. They work as a triptych and are inspired by their traditional construction : The birth – the life – the death. I’ve started theses tapestries with my thesis (Welcome to my homepage), which is an investigation through the history of the Internet and its archeology – in a sociological perspective. The Internet arrived like an ufo, bringing a promise towards the future. When it became accessible to the broad public, users started to play around and share their hopes and dreams, interests and production with the global village in which their children will be living. The birth of the Internet created a specific utopic spirit. The Internet changed a lot over the last decades, this utopic spirit began to fade and its users with it. Today those webpages have been hidden and forgotten by everyone. Luckily, our digital heritage defenders do exist and are truly active ; there seem to be a resurge of our digital culture and artefacts. This thesis is a contribution to saving that part of history that went missing in the fast Internet evolution.
Therefore, the idea of making tapestries came naturally. Initially, tapestries were made to warm up a space but also to educate people that couldn’t read about subject or stories of war, religion and so on. The connexion between the Internet archeology and tapestries was really straight froward; they recall the welcoming and warm past of the Internet, but also recall the computer screen and pixels.