Nicolas Chuard


Wipkip pills:
3 fiberglass pills (viagra, ecstasy and painkiller) mounted on a spring and a concrete structure. People can try to ride it carrefully if they want.

Big Snicker bar:
A big fiberglass replica of a Snicker chocolate bar, can be used as a bench.

World largest farting pillow:
A huge pvc balloon that can be jumped on. It is an attempt to break the actual world record of the largest farting pillow. people can jumps on it (at their own risk) from a 3 meter high scalfholding, or anything high enough to jump on it.

Statik car:
A car impossible to enter. The doors has been removed and the car painted as new. The keys are inside, ready to start. It is supposed to be exhibited outside among any other car, making it very difficult and subbtle to notice. The car can also be exhibited inside if necessary.