Laura Bottin


Laura Bottin looks for intensity in making everything on her own and turning artisanal techniques into something closer to future. She gathers in her work seemingly distant notions by creating the container as well as the content of her installations. Along the path she raises a question about the artist status in their practice of art whether it comes to a conceptual, technical or practical aspect.

With her hologram-piano, she introduces three works and presents an all-in-one object.

She sculpted an actual piano that is not only musical but above all visual. It still has keys and works like a piano. The notes turn into holograms and bring this instrument to an actualized level of transmission.

What holograms show are small knives made of wood and steel, by hand. They actually exist, as the piano does, in a tangible reality. But here, the object transforms the reality into a switch game without erasing its existence.

And the magical trick remains in the instrument itself because you become the master of this representation box she proposes, like a musician. Holograms may be presenting objects of the real life, but they load the knives of a mystical dimension, between video games items, early human industry, virtuality – far from their basic function.

This work is questioning the relation between hi-tech and low-tech in our society, the power of representation through utility, the future of humanhood and the ability to evolve, make up new directions.