Joeri Woudstra


Tuning A Crashed Car

“A new generation of composers-turned-djs confront themselves to “the club” in order to perform their musical craft in a physical space. The club has become a musical white cube, emptied of decorations to minimse visual input. Music is not a visual discipline but this doesn’t mean it sould be removed from it’s visual component. Still, the physical objects that create a club are rarely visually curated by the music that is performed around it.
Torus’/Woudstra’s new record “ENGINE MALFUNCTION MUSIC VOL. X” references the vernacular subculture of cartuning and it’s musical context. A narrative between object and sound; what would seperate elements from the club look like if they were contextualized to this record? How does one tune the crashed car that is the club? The design of a DJ installation.”